Ian Dewhurst

Hi! I'm Ian Dewhurst - a no-code consultant and I'm going to show you how easy no code can be for your business. No code means that the final product will look just like products built by writing code, but without the time invested in development or added costs. With this revolutionary way of working, I can build quickly with less cost than other methods such as building software through programming languages which takes up considerable time and money even if it looks good on paper (even though everyone knows what they see isn't always what they get). The whole world is changing and I'm here to help you make the most of it.

Ian Dewhurst - Notion consultant

In No Code we Trust

Here are the tools that I work with:

Web & Mobile Apps

Build web and mobile apps for your team.


Automate redundant tasks.


Design custom notion templates and workspaces.

E-Commerce Sites

Customize the look and feel of your e-commerce site.

Website Management

Create, update, and maintain your website.


Create custom dashboards for any function in your org.

My Belief.

Why should you hire me?

I'm an entrepreneur with a passion for helping businesses and entrepreneurs build their brands online. I use no-code frameworks like Webflow, Shopify, Bubble, and Thunkable to help them create high quality websites that function well on mobile devices so they can move fast but still get the details right. The power of the no-code movement is hopefully apparent at this point, but how can you integrate it into your business? What unique aspects of it can you take advantage of? How do get buy in from your customers and stakeholders to embrace these new technologies.

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